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Two by two by kaons Two by two by kaons
Ballator(s) Pictured:
1614 Ab Aquilone | Mountain
2590 Rubia Nyx | Mountain
Item(s) or Companions Used:
Region: Americas
Object Being hunted: White tail deer
Link to Hunting Tracker: Hunting Log
Number of Words (if applicable): 353


Years had passed since the little thorn in his side had disappeared. Abe knew better than to hope for her return, especially given the encroaching human presence lingering in the foothills of his mountains. He had evaded them thusfar, but their persistence was concerning. Those of his species they rode were well cared for, but something in their eyes lacked the luster, passion and pride for life – at least from his side of life. The little band he cared for was still safely nestled in the mountains, but the cold season was swiftly coming. He would normally take them down to the foothills, but he wouldn’t dare risk it this winter. Not with man nearby.


Determined to provide for his kind, his ears swiveled, seeking the thump of prey. A slow, subtle crunch in the snow alerted him to a nearby animal, and he lowered his crowned head, walking with purpose toward the source of the noise. The large, maned stallion watched a white tailed deer from the shadows of a large hill, so focused he almost missed the new addition to his lone hunting party.


At the mouth of a small mountain mass was a rather lovely mare. She was a lovely snowy color with spots that mimicked the flakes from the sky, and her reddish horns were bright and striking. The beauty hadn’t noticed him yet, so he waited, watching to see what she would do – especially since she looked rather hungry. The mare then leapt forward from behind the rock where she was hiding and lurched forward, hooves churning over the ground and kicking up snow. Abe chuckled and followed at a comfortable but ground-covering pace as she rocketed after the startled deer.


“Need help?” he rumbled from beside her, watching her nostrils flare when she realized that she wasn’t alone. Those pinkish eyes narrowed at him, and she flicked her tail midstride – her focus was back on the deer at this point.


“Fuck off,” she growled back at him, only serving to amuse him further. “This one is mine.”


“Then, by all means…” he hummed.


He followed her still. 


 total stats: 10.5 per horse

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littlewillow-art Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my brain automatically completed the line in the title with 'hands of blue' 
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I am so in love with your EB art and stories :heart::heart::heart:
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This is awesome, and the story is so nice c;
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